Friday, January 29, 2010

snow day (or afternoon)

it is snowing here in nashville.  it is REALLY coming down.  i actually left work early and am glad i did.  the roads are NOT good.  the restaurant where scott works closed today but lauren has to work until 8.  not sure what she will do.  don't really want her to drive.  maybe she could stay with her friend that lives downtown.  so this afternoon i am enjoying relaxing.

here's my friday five
  1. relaxing with John Mayer on Storytellers
  2. happy i will be able to watch Ellen and Oprah today.
  3. got the new Scrapbook Trends in the mail today.  yay!  just in time for a housebound weekend of scrapbooking.
  4. was eating baked ruffles while typing this and just realized i ate the WHOLE bag.  uh-oh,  wonder how many points that is.  there may not be any dinner in my future.  lol!
  5. making a new recipe for dinner tonight.  hoping it is as good as the last one i made (the veggie chili)!
enjoy your weekend!  and stay safe and warm if you are in the midst of winter weather like i am!


ETA  note to self....if you want to have dinner you should NOT eat a whole bag of baked ruffles for 23 points!  

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