Tuesday, January 19, 2010

hello San Francisco (super photo heavy)

i spent the long weekend in CA with Rob.  it was the best trip.  EVER.  just relaxing, sightseeing, eating great food (and i didn't gain a pound, in fact i lost about 4 pounds) and just enjoying each others company.

thursday.  rob picked me up in sacramento and we spent the night at his apt in modesto.  it is very nice.  i really like it.

friday.  we went to rob's work so i could meet some of his staff and then took off for san fran.  arrived at the Grand Hyatt in Union Square and took off to do a little sightseeing.  we made our way to Chinatown and enjoyed strolling through the neighborhood.  we explored some shops and had tea from a great little shop.

we did a little window shopping in Union Square and found a nice couple to take a picture of us (we did the same for them).  we went to CB2.  we had never been there before and loved it.  kind of a cross between west elm and ikea.  fun stuff there.

we drove to Sausalito for  dinner at Scoma's.  we had a great time.  we had steamed clams, rob had clam chowder (his favorite soup)and the shellfish saute, i had the cilantro lime prawn salad (fabulous) and the lazy mans ciopinno.  then they brought us tiramisu for our anniversary.  great food, great people, great night.

saturday.  got up and had breakfast at the restaurant on the top floor of our hotel.  it was a great view. a little foggy but hey~that's San Francisco!
after breakfast we went on a city tour and saw some spectacular sights including the painted ladies (otherwise known as the "Full House" houses), the Golden Gate bridge, the view from Twin Peaks and so much more.  the tour was about 3 1/2 hours long.  we really enjoy these tours and have done them in all the cities we have visited in the last 2 years.  i like to know what i am seeing. 

had some lunch at Pier 39 at the Crab House.  it was recommended by our tour guy and it didn't disappoint. they had decorated crab shells all along the wall. after lunch we walked around some of the shops there while waiting for our helicopter tour.  total tourist traps but fun!
earlier rob decided we should do a helicopter tour.  i was a bit apprehensive but it was super fun!  and we got great views of the city and flew under and over the Golden Gate.  amazing!
after the tour we window shopped some more at Union Square.  they have the biggest anthropologie there.  awesome!  then we had dinner at Fino's.  italian is always a great choice!

sunday.  rain.  but that didn't stop us from taking a cable car ride.  you can't come to SF and not do that right?!  we took the Powell-Hyde line which is the one with all the hills.  what a fun ride!

after the cable car ride we headed out of the city and stopped in  Sonoma and Napa on the way to Sacramento where i was leaving from on monday.  we did a little tasting and bought some great CA wines!  i would like to go back again during growing season.  it is a beautiful place.


monday i headed to the airport.  i flew from Sacramento to LAX.  when i get to LAX i found out my flight was delayed over 3 hours!  bummer.  big storms coming in were causing delays.  i waited and waited and waited some more.  i finally boarded the flight but didn't get home until about 2 am!  totally exhausting.  guess 12 hours of traveling will do that to ya!

this was a totally awesome trip.  missing my man today.  hoping to get out to see him in march again. 


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