Tuesday, December 29, 2009

inspired by Stephanie

Stephanie did this post today on her blog.  It is all about her.  I think it is so important to remember ourselves.  We (as women) wear so many hats:  wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend....that sometimes we lose ourselves.  I am trying to "find" myself again.   Since Lauren and Scott are grown, I am not playing the mother role as much. With Rob gone I have a lot of time to myself.  With the holidays over, even more.  I am rediscovering the person I used to be.  I am taking time out for myself.  I am enjoying my life more than ever.  So, thanks Steph for reminding me how important it is to honor myself.  Love ya girl!

I am fun. I am a crier.  I am a music and concert lover. I am a laugher. I am a reader. I am loyal.  I am a movie buff.  I am a storyteller.  I am a scrap booker. I am a point counter. I am a sister, mother, wife, daughter and friend.  I love fiercely.  I am a food lover (hence the point counter).  I am an organizer.  I am a shopper.  I am a clothes lover (especially since mine are smaller now). I am a traveler. I am a shoe shopper.  I am me.


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