Friday, December 18, 2009

another installment

so, i haven't had much to blog about lately.  not much going on other than christmas shopping and work.  almost finished with shopping.  looking forward to a couple of days off next week.'s my boring installment of my friday five.....
  1. doing interviews for the lead position that is open in my department.  hoping to get one hired and on board soon.
  2. i've had a trying work week to say the least.  just trying to get things headed in a positive direction.
  3. looking forward to seeing rob.....5 days to go!
  4. my parents are headed here for the holiday.  it will be great to see them.
  5. scott started a new job at flyte this week and he loves it.  he is so much more relaxed and it definitely shows.
off to address christmas cards and make a grocery list.  hoping to have some pics of some crafty goodness sunday.  need some good has been awful rainy here  :(


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