Monday, November 16, 2009

california dreaming

this is Modesto.  Modesto, California to be exact.  this will be Rob's new home for the next 6 months to a year.  this is some of the news i have been sitting on for the last couple weeks.  he will be going to CA and i will be holding down the fort here in TN.   he was asked to go to CA to assist with a new contract they have there but the President of his company.  and after some discussion with me, he said yes.  i have mixed feelings about it.  i am so very proud of him.  i am happy that his employers have faith in him.  i am excited to be able to visit CA.  i am sad that he will be leaving.  i am anxious about being left behind.  i thought we were done with separation when he retired from the Army.  but i know that we can do this and it will be good for us in the long run.  besides, i am an Army wife.  I CAN DO THIS!  and i will have family here for support.  he will be away from us with no family.  i will miss him terribly!  we did get to fly there the week before last to check out the area.  rob met with the client and they love him......i had no doubt they would.  we found him and apartment, visited an old friend and explored San Francisco a little.  it was a hectic trip and was very tiring but it was exciting!  rented a convertible and rode with the top down.  in november.  gotta love CA weather!  he will be leaving to drive out there the day after thanksgiving.  Scott took a week off work and is going to go with him.  should be a good week of male bonding.  both are excited to spend some time together.  so, that is some of our big news.  here's to a new adventure.  i will leave you with some pics from our trip.




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