Wednesday, October 21, 2009

random schmandom

feeling random on this wednesday.  i posted a QOTD at Studio Calico about my love of lists today so how about a random post in list form??

  1. i love lists!  i make a list almost every day.  to do lists, gift lists, grocery lists, meal name it i list it!  my fave is the honey do list.  not just for my honey but for me too.  i make a list of things that need to be done around the house to be completed through the week so i don't have to spend all my time on the weekends doing chores.  leaves more time for shopping and scrapping that way!  i have been a list maker all my life......
  2. just ate a bowl of high fiber cinnamon swirl oatmeal for lunch.  yum. 
  3. i wore black flats today cuz i thought there was black in my shirt.  um...not so much, it is brown, my friends. 
  4. getting amped up for this weekend.  going to the ATL to see my parents.  a long overdue trip!
  5. lauren still loves her job!  this is great news.....
  6. wedding plans (for scott and becky) are moving along.....slowly but surely.
  7. really enjoying working on my projects for Yesterday & Today (class with Ali E at BPS).  it's good to look back through old photos and reconnect with memories.  found a pic of my Pop-pop that i just love.  don't have many of him.  think i will frame it and hang it in my scrap room.  i still miss him even though he's been gone 22 years.  loved him.........
  8. working hard at the old job.  lots to do and not enough time in the day to get it all done.  let's just say i am never bored at work.  guess that is a good thing.
  9. have given up soda. gasp!  am now getting a route 44 unsweet iced tea in the morning.  a girl still needs her caffeine, ya know?
  10. hoping to have lost some weight when i weigh in on friday.  i have hit a plateau and am having a hard time getting over it (hence the giving up of said soda).
  11. love the fact that i have some sweet internet friends that leave sweet comments and send great emails just when i need it.  you know who you are!
that's all for now.  back to the old grindstone.  later


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