Friday, October 16, 2009

another edition of the friday five

happy friday!  it is STILL raining here.  yuck.  am hoping for some nicer weather for the weekend.  good luck with that, right??  here goes:

  1. going to see Kings of Leon tonight with Lauren.  excited!
  2. finishing up my week 2 project for my BPS class with Ali E.  don't want to get too far behind.  week 3 was yesterday so that's not too bad. 
  3. still learning about my new Blackberry.  i think i am getting addicted.
  4. found this pic of my sis and i when we were little last night.  i love it. 
  5. looking forward to the weekend.  planning to clean a little and scrap.  also need to go look for some brown flats.  having a hard time finding some i like. 
have a very happy weekend.


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