Thursday, July 16, 2009

Random Thursday

Not much going on. Just some randomness.

1~Planning a trip to NYC in Sept. I have found that it is NOT easy to find a hotel in the city for less than $200 a night. I really want to stay in Times Square though so I guess I will have to pay for the location. Any suggestions on cheap rates would be appreciated.

2~Reading The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory. Hoping I can get it finished before the is due back to the library then. I have started using the library. I have found that I buy books, read them once and then donate them. Trying to be a little more fiscally concious!

3~Looking forward to the weekend. Not planning on doing anything but getting a badly needed pedicure for the Hobbit feet (as Scott calls them) and scrapping. At least hoping to scrap. Haven't really had the scrap mojo lately.

4~Loving the new Daughtry CD. My favorite song is Every Time You Turn Around. It has been on repeat. Excited to see him on August 11 at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville. I have a slight crush on him ;)

5~Plugging away at the weight loss. It has slowed down. May have to pick up the exercise again. I do not like to do it but I need to. Maybe use that Y membership we have been paying for, just sayin......

That's all for now


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