Thursday, July 09, 2009

ATL Score!

I scored some clothes from my fave store Ann Taylor Loft today. Got an email that a dress I had been eyeing is $30 off now so I went at lunch to get it. Glad I didn't wait until after work because they only had one in my size (which is a size smaller). Gotta love WW! Here are my purchases (because a girl can't just buy one dress at ATL).

not sure why this photo of the cardigan is so small....i got one in white

this is the coveted dress. love it!

I also got a blouse that I can't find a photo damask (black and cream). I had been complaining that i had nothing to wear and didn't really want to buy pants (since i am still losing weight) so Rob suggested that I buy dresses. Great idea as it is ok if they are a little big as i lose more weight. Tomorrow is weigh in. Hoping to have lost at least one lb.

Planning our trip to New York City. Will go there for about a week in Sept then drive down to PA for my 25th class reunion. I can't believe it has been that long already! Guess i am getting old but i don't feel like it!

Off to watch So You Think You Can Dance.


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