Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Long Day

I have had such a long day today. I got up this morning and helped Lauren move back home. She was having a hard time finding a job in Clarksville so she decided to move back to Nashville. The economy is a little better here. She may be able to go back to her old job until she can find something better. We got home and got her stuff unloaded then watched Twilight. She had not seen it. She liked it but did realize that it was not the same as the book. She has not read the other books yet but I think she will now.

We went to dinner at Camino Real. It is Lauren's favorite restaurant. Her friend, Nicole went to dinner with us. She came over to cheer Lauren up. It was nice to see her. Lauren is a little down....she surely didn't want to come home. She was starting to feel a little better...I think seeing Nicole did the trick!

Plans for tomorrow include job hunting and laundry. Fun stuff.

Time to chill out.



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