Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Love These

Saw this on Lisa's blog today and thought it was a great idea....

So in honor of Valentine's Week I thought I would post some things that I love right now.

~love these Maya Road sheer owls

~love these new pins from Maya Road and these too

~love this from Pottery Barn (what's a love post without some PB?)

~love this from Anthro (such a cute little gift) and this

I watched The Bachelor last night. It's getting down to the wire. My "horse" is still in it. Fingers are crossed for Melissa!

Looking forward to my book club meeting tonight. I am not really feeling like myselg today. I have been distracted (and don't know why) the last couple of days. Maybe a good visit with the book club Beauties will be just what I need.

What are some things you love today??

Don't forget to leave me a comment on this post. I'll pick a winner tomorrow.

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