Saturday, January 10, 2009

a productive day.....

started today out with a to-do list. got everything on my list done and then some. after 2 years in our house we finally have knobs and drawer pulls on our kitchen cabinets. and i love them. rob did a great job putting them on.

just watched the TN Titans lose the playoff game. not really a fan but they are a TN team....

plans for tomorrow are to clean up the scrap studio and work on my first week of Project 365. want to get it in my album. i actually picked up the first 12 prints today so will get all those done. still going strong taking pics.

i am off to a great start with my diet. i have lost about 6 pounds this week. of course when you want to lose about 60 that doesn't seem like much but it is a start!

that's all for now.


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