Saturday, January 03, 2009

the past few days......

have been very busy ones. first lauren decided to move back in and for very good reason. she found out something (i won't get into here)about one of her roommates that caused rob to tell her to move home. it was that serious! so she and her friends have moved her stuff back home. her room is a mess but it will get taken care of. no more guest room for us. at least she has a fresh coat of paint on the walls!

so because she moved home and could no longer use her roommates car, we shopped for cars today. we bought her a 2005 Dodge Stratus that we got a great deal on. the intent is to put it in her name and for her to have her own insurance in 6 months. she is hoping to get a general manager job with the store she works for so that would enable her to do so.

yesterday was our anniversary so we spent the morning in Franklin. we went to a couple shops there and found a gourmet shop (Curious Gourmet) that sells the cake pans rob was looking for so he got 2. we had lunch at Mellow Mushroom (oh, how i love pizza) and on the way home we got a call from scott saying he ran his car off the road. luckily he was not hurt. we stopped to help and he did a number on his passenger side. he swerved to avoid hitting a dog that was in the road and hit some gravel which in turn sent him into a treeline. he is ok and that is all that matters to me. he, of course, is upset about his "baby" being damaged but i told him that is what we have insurance for and the place USAA sends us for repair (Paint and Body Perfectors) is awesome (we had some work done there before). it will be repaired to factory specs...he goes to get the appraisal on Monday.

got home and took down some christmas decorations then got ready to go to dinner for our anniversary. rob made reservations at Watermark...the same restaurant where scott took becky to propose. when we got to the restaurant there were 2 dozen roses on the table for me. rob had them delivered there. they were beautiful! had a great dinner. the food was awesome. i had the jonah crab salad and red snapper and rob had a poached pear and arugala salad and a petite filet. for dessert we shared a vanilla panna cotta and when the waiter brought it out they had it in the middle of a plate that had Happy Anniversary written in chocolate on it! loved it! came home and relaxed watching a movie....all in all (even with the accident) a great day! i told rob that if our life went smoothly all the time it wouldn't be ours!

some pics from our day:

I thought the menu cover at Mellow Mushroom was quite fitting.

23 years of wedded bliss!

that's all for now.

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