Monday, December 22, 2008

no pictures today.....

i know the point of the dec daily is to take pictures too but i just did not have a chance today. did the rest of the last minute shopping....i know i said i was finished yesterday but rob gave me another stocking idea and i had to go and get it....he only gave me 3 but i did come up with a couple on my own.

the rest of the day has been spent cleaning. most of which i have had to do myself. scott is at work...i will have him clean his bathroom tomorrow since he is off. rob had a headache so he vacuumed upstairs and cleaned off his dresser and went to bed! trying not to be angry that i got stuck cleaning alone AGAIN but it is very difficult (he did have a headache)....i am trying though and that is something, right? the family gets here tomorrow. my parents in the afternoon and my sister, brother-in-law and nieces in the evening. excited to see everyone! becky will be here tomorrow and they are all excited to see the ring! hope they brought their sunglasses......

got my new issues of scrapbook trends and cards today. i am going to do some shredding then sit and look at them.

that's all for now


ETA got my PB dishes today and absolutely adore them!

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