Wednesday, December 03, 2008

making a list and checking it twice...........

well, it is day 3 and i am still hanging in there. it's hard to do something festive every day when the kiddos are grown and one doesn't live with you. i am still trying to get used to it. today i made a list of things i want to accomplish around the house before my family descends upon us.....i am so looking forward to having everyone here. now that lauren has moved out we will actually have a guest room! stoked about that! we have never had one......

i did order a couple of t-shirts for my brother in law. i never know what to get him so he usually gets a best buy gift card. he will probably get that too since his birthday was yesterday and then there is christmas. my sisters birthday is the 22nd so it is the quadruple whammy! anywhoo, the tees from this are funny! he has a very odd sense of humor so he will love the shirts i picked. these are the ones i bought.....this one because he is a high school math teacher and this one because it takes him forever to tell a story!

here's my will hang on my fridge. hope to get a lot of it accomplished this weekend. wish me luck!!

that's all for now.


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