Saturday, December 06, 2008

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas.........

day 6 and still going strong....hope i can keep it up. we spent the day shopping. i got some clothes i desperately needed. we got some gifts for rob's staff for his christmas party tonight and found a comforter set and sheets for the guest room. plans for tomorrow include staying home and getting some painting done. would also like to set up the tree. tomorrow evening we go to see Carrie Underwood. we have had the tickets for about 6 months. i am so excited to see her. i hear from others that she is great in concert!

i have gotten out a few decorations. and i wrapped the first gifts today. here are some pics from today:

and we got our first card today....from Becky's (Scott's girlfriend) family. it is always the first one.

oh yeah, hopefully i will have some great news to post later......

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