Thursday, December 18, 2008

the cards are addressed......

and ready to go out....finally! got the last address i needed yesterday. we have friends that live in TX and i needed their new address.

sitting here watching a rerun of ugly betty. one i haven't seen. i am bummed that grey's is a rerun. i sure miss new episodes.

lauren came over to do laundry tonight. she was hungry so i made her a ham and cheese omelet. i wonder if she is eating. she says she is....may need to make a grocery run for her. i was downstairs and when i came up she was asleep on the love seat. she is exhausted. i am finishing her laundry for her. she needs her rest...she is working 2 jobs and is so tired. we have all been there....

rob had his annual evaluation at work today and it went very well. he has been asked to assist with the new training department. he loves to train and is very excited about it. i think that is where his passion is and am glad the powers that be see it.

it's been a quiet night.....very nice. i am off all week next week and am so looking forward to it. only one more day to go.....

that's all for now.


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