Saturday, November 29, 2008

thanksgiving and black friday recap........

our thanksgiving was a quiet one....we ate early since scott had to be to work. scott said the turkey was the best ever this year and whatever we did we need to do again! i am actually going to brine the turkey for Christmas dinner. darn, that will require another trip to Williams Sonoma(said with much sarcasm). we went around the table and all told something we were thankful for and we all agreed that we are thankful lauren moved out. i know this sounds terrible but let me explain. she was so unhappy living with us it made us all miserable. mostly her. she felt like a failure because she was 22 and still living at home with her parents. she is much happier. she looks better and most importantly she feels better about herself. she is tired since she is working 2 jobs but it is all worth it. then rob, lauren and i just hung out. was nice not to have to be on the go. watched Journey to the Center of the Earth with lauren. pretty good movie. brenden frasier is so goofy he always makes me laugh. went to bed a little early since i had to work on friday.

rob got up early and went to best buy to get a gift we needed. he was in line at 4:30 or so and did not get in the store until 6:15! he did get the gift and also went to walgreens to get some decorations that were on sale. he called me and told me that no man should have to EVER shop on black friday and that he deserved a Superhero award. i agree! he is the best.

after i got home from work we went to target and bought nothing. i think we were the only ones walking out with no bags. sad, i know. went to hobby lobby and got lauren a silver tinsel tree and a couple of other decorations. then to old navy and penneys....again nothing. then rob wanted to go to best buy and he bought this and i am in love! can i just say the blue ray player is the best invention?!! especially for a self-proclaimed movie junkie. we watched Kung Fu Panda last night and it was a cute movie. lauren loves it!

not sure what is on the agenda for today. rob seems restless. may go out and brave the malls......

that's all for now.


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