Monday, November 17, 2008

a new toy.......

this is my first post from this:my new laptop! rob got one 2 weeks ago and he knew i really wanted one so yesterday he took me to Best Buy and got me one. i love it....and we are officially Best Buy's best customers. not only have we gotten 2 laptops in 2 weeks but i got rob a new ipod touch. he wanted one and i was going to get it for him for Christmas but i gave it to him early.

rob had a scope today to check his esophagus since he has acid reflux and all looks good. had it done at Vanderbilt and it was great. we always have such good experiences there. he has to follow up in 3-4 weeks but the doc doesn't foresee anything but a good outcome.

mom and dad are coming in the morning. they will spend a few days with us. always nice to see them. i really cherish the time we spend together....we were away for so long it is nice to be close. hopefully Lauren can come over to see them. i know they will want to see her. this is their first visit since she has moved out. i still need to clean up her room and get Scott a new bed. we will put his old one in the guest room. nothing wrong with the's just he is 6'4" now and his feet hang off his queen size bed. need to go this weekend to have him lay on mattresses to see what he likes.

that's all for now.

peace k

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