Wednesday, November 26, 2008

lots of cooking going on........

took the day off today so i could get some cooking done. we have to eat early (11 am) so scott can have dinner with us before he has to go to work. he is bummed he has to work on thanksgiving....such is the life of a chef!

i got up early and did some last minute grocery shopping and picked up the dinner for rob's little brother's family (from big brother/big sister). came home and made the stuffing and cornbread dressing. got the pie baked and brownies for lauren. she is not a pie girl. the ham is in the oven right now. the turkey is prepped and ready to go into the oven at 7 am. just need to peel and cook potatoes, sweet potatoes and roast the carrots. no sweat......

time to get ready to watch leno....rob pattinson is on! sigh..... please go to Elizabeth's blog for a great post by her hubby Colin...gave me a good laugh today!

that's all for now


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