Wednesday, November 05, 2008

the day after.......

no matter what your political stance is it is an historic day for the good old US of A. It would have been had either party won....either a woman as Vice President or a President of color. Today is a day long matter if your candidate won or lost we must united as a country and stand for what we believe in. since this is not really a political forum and i like to keep it light-hearted that is all i care to say on the subject.

on a lighter note, i can't wait to get home to get my new Studio Calico kit. i was able to get 2, yes 2, add ons this month! i always love SC kits and look forward to receiving them each month. i have not done anything with my kit from last month. i have been busy making my page for our annual recipe page swap for my book club at Memories in Bloom. i think my page is super duper cute! will post a pic after we swap....don't want anyone to see it early....takes away some of the fun.

i have to make a trip to the airport this evening to pick up Rob. he has been in Kansas on a business trip since Sunday. the house sure has been quiet this week....

that's all for now.


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