Saturday, October 11, 2008

vacation highlights........

so we have been back home for a whole day now. i have gotten the photos downloaded onto the computer. thought i would give some highlights of our trip. i have to warn you...this is a very photo heavy post!

we started out on Thursday evening and went to Macon, GA. Rob's dad was in the hospital with heart related issues. he had a quadruple bypass last year and was having some problems. we thought we would have to spend our vacation there. as it turned out, all was ok and we were able to go on vacation. the teddy bear was given to us at the Fairfield Inn where we stay whenever we go to Macon. when we checked in on Thursday night we were given a key to a room that was already occupied. imagine my surprise when i open the door and am greeted by a man in tightie whities!!!! guess this was their way of apologizing.

we decided to head out to Savannah. we alway said we wanted to go there and this was our chance. we were only 1 1/2 hours away. we didn't have many clothes with us but we decided we would go and if need be buy some. i love to have a tour book so we stopped at this cool shopping center to get one at Books a Million. there was this really cool fountain and there were lots of birds in it and beautiful water lilies. we found a place to stay and just hung out at the river walk that evening. they were having their Octoberfest and there were a lot of vendors and food and drink tents set up there. went to a great Cajun/Creole place called Huey's and the food was fantastic. below are a few shots from the river front.

that night Rob said he wanted to go to the beach so we packed up in the morning and headed to Tybee Island. got a hotel right on the beach. they have one of the country's oldest lighthouses there...built in 1742 i think...and you could climb 178 steps to the top. i made it about half way and chickened out. never thought i would be afraid of heights. rob said i broke out into a sweat. he went on without me. i didn't want him to miss out because i was a weenie.we went to have dinner at MacElwee's on the recommendation of Fromers. it was good but not great. i did have some very good shrimp and crab legs. after dinner we took a long walk on the beach. it was so quiet and relaxing....definitely the best part of our beach day. the next morning we went to The Breakfast Club (also on the recommendation of Fromers) and it did not disappoint. we had the best breakfast of our lives there. you must check it out if you are ever on the island.

then it was back to Savannah. we took a trolley tour around the city. i learned so much about Savannah's history. and we got to see the most beautiful architecture. i feel in love with this city and will definitely visit again.

i think that is enough for tonight. i will finish the vacation highlights in another post. don't want to bore anyone.



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