Tuesday, October 28, 2008

some fall decor.......

wow! 2 posts in one day. just wanted to post some pics of my attempts at fall decor. the first pic is of the Oct Jenni Bowlin project kit. I love how it came out! i have the decorated sticks in a vase with rocks in the bottom. So cute!

i also found these fab wood grain candles at my fave store, Target, on Sunday! love them!

and on the home front, Lauren is moving out today. she is moving in with 2 of her friends. i didn't think this would happen until around the first of the year so i was very surprised when she told me around 11 am she was moving out today. she is 22 and i know she has been wanting to move out....i am happy for her. this is her third time moving out so i hope she can make it this time. i am sure she will be just fine. now if i can just be fine........



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