Friday, September 19, 2008

spent an evening with........

THE EAGLES!!!!!! got Rob tickets for his birthday for the Long Road Out of Eden tour and it was awesome!!!! the tickets were rather pricey but i would have paid triple what i paid for them. there was no opening act (of course, it is the opening act required) and they played for about 3 hours. they opened with 3 new songs and then came the old stuff. Hotel California started off the classic Eagles songs and they just jammed from there on out. Glenn Fry said to check our ticket stubbs....welcome to the Eagles Assisted Living tour!! They did take about a 20 minute intermission for some beverages (in Glenn's words) but he did say they now drink water! Don Henley's voice is still amazing as are all of the bands. for some old guys they can still belt it out. they sound just like they used to. great show. i would highly recommend seeing them if they come to a city near you. oh, and Rob loved it and i scored major cool points!!!

not much going on this weekend. rob is out of town for a conference in Chattanooga. scott is in Clarksville with his girl. lauren and i may go see this movie........

no other news right now. have a great weekend!



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