Tuesday, August 12, 2008

army strong........

so i did this cool project for the Project Catwalk week 4 extra credit only to discover after i posted that the message board is in EASTERN time and i am central so when i read the challenge was issued at 11:08 pm yesterday and we had 24 hours to post it was actually 10:08 since we are in CENTRAL time. hope jj will still let me play. bummer if not. oh well, at least i did the cool project to put in rob's army book....whenever we get that started. too bad i didn't scrapbook until the last few years he was in....the challenge was to use only these items and nothing more but you didn't have to use all of them. chipboard (plain-no letters), tape, paint, stapler, mail you got today, something from your pantry, scissors, needle and thread/embroidery floss and photo. i used all but something from my pantry and tape. i used a torn piece of mail to spread my paint and freehand cut the start and tab. i do like the way it turned out although i will add some journaling...didn't already because we were not allowed to use letters or a pen.

peace out


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