Friday, June 06, 2008

zohan and ikea...........

went to see this tonight--it was funny but i was a little distracted by some kids in the row behind us--all they did was talk during the entire movie. this has happened in the last few movies we have seen and all i can ask is WHY??????????

anyway, making a trip to Ikea tomorrow. rented a truck to make the drive to atlanta since this is the one closest to us. plan to get bookcases and shelves for the wall and baskets and the list goes on......for my new scrap studio. will post pics when it is done. i love working in there. i have done a few layouts in my room and i love it. i can spread out and have quiet creative time. plan to get shelves put together and haul all the goodies upstairs on sunday. i have to get busy on my ats's for sisiversary on friday. i need to make 40 and haven't even started.

i am looking forward to the SISiversary next weekend. the SISters are always fun. will take a few classes and get some layouts done. sunday is shopping in franklin and a special dinner. should be great fun.....

better sign off and go to bed. have to get up early for our trip. yipeeeee finally getting my room completed.

peace out!


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