Saturday, May 10, 2008

it's been a looooong time..........

i know it has been a long time since i blogged. we have been so busy with yard work, getting the new scrap studio painted and Scott's new bedroom done. also had family in this past weekend for Scott's college graduation. my son is now a college graduate!!!!! he starts his new job at the Capitol Grill in the Hermitage Hotel on Monday. we are so proud of him. he has worked so hard--he graduated Magna Cum Laude and missed Summa Cun Laude by only .06 of a point. will post pics soon. have had a computer issued and had to restore to factory settings so had to back everything up on an external drive and haven't put everything back on the computer yet--including photos. will try to get this done today.

plans for the day include an exciting trip to the post office and to the paint store for another gallon of paint for the "shrek"--oh, i mean "scrap" room. i love the color i chose. i wanted a green like a granny smith apple and that is what i got. sure looks like shrek green to me but i love it.... can't wait to scrap in there. my own space to create...a little piece of heaven!

have been to see 3 movies in the last week. loved them all! ironman was typical super hero action--made of honor had mcdreamy (need it have more??) and was a sappy love story and what happens in Vegas was just good comedy....

guess i had better get ready for the day. promise to try to be a better blogger. peace out.

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