Wednesday, December 26, 2007

and the day is over.......................

Christmas at our house was very nice and quiet. Scott did not get up at 4 am like usual and everyone was up before Lauren and Scott. Dad had to go out and save the day by finding someplace open that had chicken broth for the dressing. He came home with 6 cans! I could not believe he got it. Leave it to my Dad....

Rob got me some scrapbook joy like this
these from Fancy Pants
Rob also surprised me with Season 3 of Lost I can't wait to watch it in prep for the season premiere in Jan.

Enjoyed the day just cooking (and cleaning up) and spending time with fam. After dinner Scott went to see Becky, Lauren went to the movies and Rob and I played Scrabble with my parents. All in all a great day!

Oh and Rob and I made an itinerary booklet for Disney! Only 6 more days........I am so excited. I am trying to get laundry done for packing and am making a list of to do's before we leave. Got the mail put on hold for the newspaper.


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