Sunday, June 03, 2007

Just finished.........................

this. It is a great book! Heard about it from reading Kristina C's blog. I am so glad I read this. Finished it in about 3 days. Read the last bit today while waiting to have my car serviced. Great read!

Had a nice day with Rob today. We went on a Dad ride. This is what I called the rides my dad made us go on when we were kids. As teenagers my sis and I used to beg not to have to go. So boring stuck in a car with your parents at that age. Yuck! Anyway, Rob and I have decided to explore this fine state that we have decided to make our home. Might as well since we plan to stay in TN forever. We drove to Lebanon and went to the Prime Outlet Mall there. I wanted to go to the Coach outlet to see if the deals there were better than at the PX. They were not! Then we went on to Historic Watertown where they still have a drive in! Can't wait to go and do that! Then back to Mt. Juliet and shopping at Home Goods and dinner at NY Pizza Deli. They have great NY style pizza. I was surprised by this since we do live in the South. This was almost as good as getting a slice in the City. Will definitely go there again.

Plans for tomorrow include installing my shoe racks, paying bills, cleaning and then maybe a trip to Opry Mills to Bass for new shoes for Rob. Peace out!

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