Sunday, April 15, 2007

Boot, scoot and boogied!

Last night we went to a benefit at Ronnie Dunns--of Brooks and Dunn--house. It was a blast. It was an event to raise money for a private school in Nashville. I guess this was the 5th annual. Lots of people, open bar and buffet. Plus a private concert. We went with Rob's co-workers. Invited by the owners of the company he works for. Had a great time! There was an auction and then they played for about an hour and a half! Fun was had by all. Will try to post pics. Here is one pic. Finally figured out how to post them--with my son's help.

Not much scrapping got accomplished at the crop with Lori because I had to leave because Rob got rear ended and ended up in the ER. All is fine. Some neck pain and some damage to the Civic but all is well. Plan to try and scrap some of the great photos we got last night sometime this week.

Lauren turned 21 yesterday. No real thrilled with her at this point. She acted like it was an imposition to see us. She just came home, got her gift and left. She is not my fav right now. Guess I will just have to get used to it. She is an adult now. It is just hard because she still loves with us. Just wish she had a little more consideration for other peoples feelings.

Laundry awaits................

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